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R.E.R. International is now FineLine Technologies. For more information, click here.

R.E.R. International is a service company providing the highest quality in labels and tags for the retail industry. With over 25 years of combined experience, our primary goal is to help your business succeed.

We recognize that the quality of the product and turnaround time of the service are the keys to complete customer satisfaction. We thus strive to establish a partnership in service with our customers, using only the highest quality equipment to ensure a superior product. We are certified by major retailers, and are confident that you will recognize our ability to surpass the competition in four key areas:

Price:Lower than our competitorsí (additional volume discounts available).
Turnaround time:24 hours or less for most orders.
Quality:Rigorous quality-control ensuring error-free processing and on-time delivery.
Customer Service:Always a direct line to a knowledgeable member of our production department to answer any questions/concerns.

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